About Superestate

Superestate is a superannuation fund that gives all Australians access to the residential property market.

Joining Superestate is easy.

Complete our online form in just a few simple steps or, if you'd prefer to speak to one of our team members, call us on 1300 519 800 and we can assist you.

When you join Superestate we'll also find your lost or forgotten Super, helping you to keep track of your hard-earned money. Apply online now.

With the appropriate member provided information including Tax File Number, Superestate can search for all your existing superannuation through the Australian Taxation Office and roll it over into your Superestate account.

Yes. Our user-friendly website gives you full access to your account online, where you can check your balance, change your investment option, or update your personal details at any time.

Superestate Investment Options

Superestate offers a choice of two investment options to help you reach your retirement goals:

  • Superestate Property 25
  • Superestate Property 50

Within each investment option Superestate invests in a diverse portfolio across the following asset classes:

  • Residential Australian Property
  • Australian Equities
  • International Equities
  • Global Infrastructure
  • Fixed Income
  • Cash

About Superannuation

Superannuation is an Australian Government initiative designed to help Australians save for retirement. Your employer is required to contribute 9.5% of your annual wage towards the super fund of your choice.

This money must be paid into a complying super fund that meets the government's current investment and insurance regulations.

There are several reasons to keep all your Super in one fund.

If you have multiple accounts, you'll probably be paying multiple fees which may be eating away at your retirement savings.

Keeping your Super in one account may save you money. 

Your Super is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. The Government has established the Superannuation system to encourage Australians to save for retirement and take responsibility for their future wellbeing.

By focusing on your Super today, you can more efficiently plan for your retirement.

Choosing a superfund

The Government has given freedom to most Australians to choose their own super fund. 

Once you've signed up with Superestate, we provide you with all the necessary paperwork to provide to your employer.

Once your employer has processed your new super fund details, you will receive regular contributions into your super account.

Advice and services

We can provide you with information about the Superestate Fund.

However, we recommend you should consider seeking appropriate financial advice regarding the suitability of the Superstate Fund before making any change to your financial circumstances .