Our investment options

Find out more about these investments in the PDS and Reference Guide

You should read the Product Disclosure Statement and Reference Guide for more information on how we invest your super.

Investment performance

The table below shows the past performance of the Superestate investment options as of 30 June 2019

*Please note that Superestate Balanced Essentials commenced on 1 July 2019, as a result there is not actual performance history available for these periods

Investment returns aren’t guaranteed. Past performance isn’t a reliable indicator of future returns.

Returns shown are net of indirect administration and investment costs as well as investment taxes. Returns for each option are based on changes in the unit price. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted.

Returns do not take into account the impact of insurance premiums that may be deducted from members account balances.For more information on the asset allocation and risk exposures of each investment option see theReference Guide.

For details on insurance click here for our insurance guide.

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Our Investment Options